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  • Each Cow Chip Bingo Deed is sold for $10.00.
  • If your deeded square recieves the first Cow Chip, YOU WIN!
  • Cow Bingo will occur at Martin County High School Athletic Field in Spring 2011.
  • There are 5,000 deeds available for purchase.
  • The cow will be released at 5:30 pm.
  • The cow will be walked to a parcel on the field and released. The location of the point of release will be determined by a random drawing at 4:30 pm, after deed sales are closed.
  • If the cow chip lands in one or more deeds, the deeded square that contains the largest portion of the chip will be declared the winner.
  • If the portions are too close to determine a winner, the prize money will be split equally between the shared deed holders.
  • At 7:30 pm, if the cow hasn’t dropped a chip, the $2,500 prize will be awarded to the owner of the square where the cow is standing or the closest deeded square from the right front leg of the cow.
  • If the cow drops on the line of two deeds, the $2,500 prize is divided equally between the two owners.
  • If the cow drops on the intersection of four deeded squares, the $2,500 is split four ways evenly among the four owners.
  • Judges will follow the cow to determine exact time and location of the deposit.
  • Located by a licensed surveyor, the location of the cow chip and a member of the Project Graduation Foundation (PGF) board along with an independent committee will determine the deed number and owner.
  • The decision of the officials is final.
  • Winner does not have to be present to win, but upon notification, the winner has 90 days to claim the prize or it will be considered a donation to Project Graduation Foundation, Inc.
  • The winning square and owner’s name will be announced in the local newspaper, on the Bingo website, the Project Graduation website and by the local radio stations.
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